I joined the “Jam of the Week” group on Facebook several weeks ago and have enjoyed posting a short video every week. This week’s prompt was “Choose your own adventure: C Jam Blues or C Bird Blues.” After playing around with these ideas for a few minutes, I decided to use both! Here is the result.

I’m looking for a way to archive my transcriptions for the benefit of myself and others. Scribd is an interesting platform to me, and I have uploaded a short transcription to try it out. 

As with all transcriptions, there is important musical information that is not notated, so if you are interested, be sure to listen to the recording to get the whole story!

Keith Jarret - solo on Country from his album My Song

Keith Jarrett Solo on Country by saahnert

A short impromptu piano-drum duet while we wait for black-bottom cupcakes to finish baking.

my next transcribing project…

Just discovered the Blue Note app on Spotify. All I can say is “amazing!” I am discovering many great albums that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. A great resource for any jazz musician.

Right now, I am digging into the Kenny Drew Trio with Curly Russel and Art Blakey. Superb!

First take of our rendition of Bye Bye Country Boy.

Just discovered this composition by Blossom Dearie. Amazingly simple and profoundly musical.

I’m into scales right now…

John Coltrane

John Coltrane

(via jazzpages)

Blue Seven melody and bass line.

Curiosity gives birth to Creativity — Benny Golson